ETU San Diego Learning Center

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EZ Tech University opened it’s first Learning Center in March 2013 in San Diego located at the Pyramid on Miramar Road (only 5 minutes from La Jolla’s UTC mall).  We are offering a full slate of classes teaching the latest techniques and tips for Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android Smartphones including Samsung, Motorola, Google Nexus and Android Tablets.  The classes will also accommodate different skill levels for basic users, intermediate and experts.  Here are the top 5 reasons to take an EZ Tech U class:

1. You’re spending hundreds of dollars on your smartphone and service, but only make phone calls and email sometimes

2. Your cellular provider doesn’t really want to talk to you now that you’re on a 2 year contract

3. You have to call your kids whenever you need to change anything on your phone

4. Apple / Verizon / AT&T workshops only promote their own Apps and products, EZ Tech U shows you the best from everything

5.  EZ Tech U instructors are patient, extremely knowledgeable, and are here to help you learn!

We have also added special classes to learn about Apps for Shopping, Travel, Real Estate, Photography, Health and other current topics as well as conduct Manufacturer’s events to showcase the latest smartphone accessories and Apps.  Keep an eye on the class schedule to sign up for the new classes and events (note: classes with less than 3 students may be cancelled or rescheduled).  Click on the Class Name in the schedule for detailed information on the class.

EZ Tech University – San Diego Learning Center

Location:  7310 Miramar Road, Suite 330 in the Miramar Pyramid

Contact Number:  858-333-7740

Cross Streets:  Carroll Rd and Miramar Rd, approx 2 miles East from I-805 and 2 miles West from I-15

Closest Apple Store:  3 miles from the Apple Store in Westfield La Jolla UTC Mall

Apple Classes Offered:  Basic Apple iPhone/iPad, Intermediate iPhone, Intermediate iPad, Expert iPhone, Expert iPad

Android Classes Offered:  Basic Android Smartphone (all manufacturers), Intermediate Samsung Android Phone, Intermediate Motorola Android Phone, Expert Samsung Android Phone, Expert Motorola Android Phone

Apps Classes Offered:  Travel Apps, Shopping Apps, TV & Radio Apps, Facebook 101, Twitter and Vine, Photography Apps

Standard Rates:  $30 per 60-minute class, $99 for 5-pack of 60-minute classes, special rates for special events

Our Learning Facility is the most advanced in the region – our 100″ projection screen shows exactly what’s being displayed on the iPhone or Android Phone to up to 40 students in our beautiful WiFi-enabled climate controlled classroom.  Located on the 3rd floor of the Miramar Pyramid the EZ Tech U facility is a comfortable and convenient environment for technology learning.

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